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HER is a women’s empowerment platform providing information, opportunities, and inspiration for working women. You’ll find carefully designed online courses where every woman can access resources to unlock their potential and transform lives.
You’ll find courses in personal growth, career development, life, business, and more, all prepared and presented by Dr Nataliey Bitature.

Our courses include:
✓ Lifetime access to the course material
✓ Worksheets to help tailor your learning experience
✓ Applicable resources you can act on now
✓ Online access without the barriers of high cost

“The Her Group awoke a fire within me at a time when the world was locked away with uncertainty. The content of the units is amazing with topics on professional, personal and life skills.

The courses have reminded me of the importance of being visible and speaking up in different contexts to bring about the positive changes I would like to see. I am more intentional regarding the goals and targets I would like to achieve for the business each month. With strategic focus, hard work, resilience, networking, and commitment, I have seen an increase in sales, excellent customer reviews and overall profitability. Nataliey is generous with her time, knowledge and skills which she shares freely and is open to offering her expertise when ladies reach out.”

- Rosemary, Personal Development Course Graduate & HER Group Member

Why Choose HER

Enabling growth and transformation

All HER courses are designed to empower African women to grow their businesses or careers.

Affordable & Flexible
We understand the constraints that many women face in advancing their education. That’s why our courses are affordably priced so that we can reach a wider audience of women who want to take action to improve their lives.

You can watch all courses on whatever device you choose - phone, tablet, or computer. With lifetime access, you can learn at your own pace and revisit them whenever you need a refresher.

Each course provides actionable tips and advice. The information directly relates to the real world and what you’ll experience as a woman looking to grow your business or advance your career. You can immediately apply what you learn to start seeing real results.

“Allow me to confess, I must have listened to unit 1 more than 10 times!

All the 6 units were enriching to me, only that I feel unit 1 mapped the direction towards my new life now and it smartly blended me well into all other course units.

Since I tapped into Unit 1 I can honestly say I’m in charge of every area of my life. I know the Judith in me properly now and I’m loving the new HER.

Allow me to take this opportunity to thank our beloved business coach Dr Nataliey Bitature for HER service above self. May the Heavens open blessings upon you, for you have no idea how you’ve changed lives and shined light on women like me.”

— Judith, Personal Development Course Graduate & HER Group Member

Sponsored Courses

As a community-focused platform, we try to support our women in every way we can.

We are giving the gift of courses to those ladies who will use the skills and knowledge to transform their lives but do not have the means to pay for it now.

If you or someone you know would like to be sponsored for a course, tell us your story.


“'You think so differently, mature I should say and I do not know what to do with you.'
That’s what one of my friends recently said to me when we had a meet up and got to discuss a few concerns.
I am proud of the woman I am becoming, I hope it's not too early to acknowledge this.
One of the modules greatly challenged me. I have always feared to dream mainly because I thought some were unrealistic and I realised I have to put in the work, stay on course and be committed. I am also challenged to share my gifts with the world, be a valuable member of society. I belonged to the school of thought that thinks the people will see what I do and reward me for it, but this has not got me anywhere really. I pledge to continue on this self-improvement journey.”

— Eva Course Student & HER Group Member

The Next Step

Get ready to advance your career and improve your business.

Learn the tools, strategies, and skills that I’ve successfully used in my business and career and which you can do too.

“This course has changed the way I take each day. I have become more productive and efficient at work, and I feel ready to conquer anything that comes my way.”

- Norah, Course Student & HER Group Member